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10-Code has been licensed by the North Dakota Private Investigations and Security Board (NDPISB) to provide investigations and armed security services in the State of North Dakota.  Uncompromised integrity, confidentiality and safety are core to everything that we do.  10-Code is uniquely positioned to offer specialized services, skills and resources unmatched by any other agency in North Dakota.

Armed/Unarmed Security
Armed/Unarmed Security

Armed and unarmed security detail utilizing professionals with law enforcement and military experience.  Capable of 24-7 static and roving security details uniquely designed to meet client requirements.

Uniform/Plain Clothes
Depending on client requirements, details can be conducted in a highly visible, casual uniform (Overt); or plain clothes (Covert).
Executive Protection Detail
Highly specialized details conducted by officers with special operations experience to include SWAT, Bomb Squad and HAZMAT operations.  Detail operational planning that includes liaison with Federal, State and local resources.  Clients include high ranking political officials, entertainment personalities, corporate executives and private citizens.
Access Control
Ensure only authorized personnel are allowed access to client locations.  In high threat situations all personnel entering client locations have received a current operational safety briefing to include any current security threat and emergency operations plans.
High Risk Terminations/Workforce Reductions
There are risks associated with any termination or workforce reduction.  In an effort to mitigate the risk of workplace violence inherent in the process 10-Code can assist in the planning, execution and post security activities.
High Value Asset Protection

Our staff at 10-Code understands the importance of protecting those assets that are valuable to your company. From oil to gas and everything in between we will treat your assets like they are our own.

Site Emergency Response

10-Code has developed a response team comprised of highly trained law enforcement special operatives that can deploy and secure any objective in a short amount of time from the ground or in the air. With a cooperative agreement with Double M Helicopters we are uniquely positioned to deploy with in minutes anywhere in our response area.

Vulnerability Assesments

Our team approaches every vulnerability assessment as unique to every organization. Each assessment is based on a clearly defined client-provider set of engagement rules to quickly and accurately identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your security plan. Once the assessment is completed we will provide a comprehensive report based on your specific threat, this plan will be customizable and actionable.

Private Investigations
Civil Paper Service

10-Code has a team of professionals that are tenacious when it comes to process service. Serving the papers is easy but tracking down a defendant eluding the service is our specialty. Contact us for all your process service needs.

Background Investigations

Background information is crucial when trying to ascertain the whereabouts, credibility, identity or conduct of an individual or company; obtain further information on potential employees or check the legitimacy of investment opportunities. At 10-Code we obtain protected information through a national database that is not readily available to the public and follow-up on any potential discrepencies that may arise.

Accident, Injury and Death Investigations

Each day across the United States, people and automobiles react unexpectedly, causing thousands of traffic accidents claiming lives or causing permanent injuries. Traffic accident investigation can determine liability in the event of a traffic collision. Additionally, our traffic accident investigators can provide expert testimony in trials to hold the correct party accountable for the damage incurred by the traffic accident.

Arson Investigations

Arson investigations are conducted to determine the cause of a fire and ensure the responsible party is held accountable. Our arson investigators are school trained professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience about types of fuel, how each fuel ignites and accelerates, and the impact each fuel has on the development of a fire. As with all of our investigations a detailed report will be drafted and provided to our clients at the conclusion of the investigation

Evidence Processing

10-Code investigators are skilled with gathering, processing and evaluating of evidence that has been left behind at a crime scene. With our prior law enforcement experience we ensure all the rules of evidence are followed to protect the integrity in the event the evidence finds its way into a courtroom.

Crime Scene Photography

Photography, whether overt or covert, is a very important skill for all types of professional investigators. Our investigative team has the knowledge and equipment and are proficient with photography and videography for documenting evidence.

Skilled Interviewing and report writing

Interviews are conducted to detail a crime or event, to obtain evidence, to connect facts that seem disconnected, to look for leads, to identify facts to find out what happened. Our investigators have an extensive law enforcement background and have conducted hundreds of interviews over the years that have helped them become the best in the business. As with all of our investigations, a detailed report will be drafted and provided to our clients at the conclusion of the investigation.

Uncompromised professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality is core to everything that we do.